Welcome to the Acosta Institute's Apprenticeship program,

a transformative learning experience designed to cultivate a community of scholars, practitioners, and curious learners committed to healing-centered approaches in education. Our program is centered around three core pillars: coaching, communication, and connections. Through these pillars, apprentices receive comprehensive support to enhance their leadership and social entrepreneurship skills.

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The program consists of several key components:

  •  Coaching: Apprentices receive strategic counsel and support to develop a robust leadership profile and agile social enterprise. This includes mission building, contracting, and leveraging networks.
  •  Communication: We amplify the apprentice's professional narrative and refine their branding strategy through expert coaching from industry leaders.
  •  Connections: We facilitate the expansion of the apprentice's professional network, opening doors to business growth, public presence, and contracting opportunities.

Additionally, apprentices benefit from a range of resources and support, such as project audits, strategic advising, asynchronous coaching, communication coaching, access to the prestigious House of Beautiful Business, content strategy development, virtual assistant services, branding support, professional development opportunities with educational partners, financial stipends, and support for project launches and management.

Throughout the program, we collaborate with each apprentice to develop a personalized learning plan and scope of work in alignment with their journey. Monthly meetings with Dr. Angel Acosta provide ongoing support and guidance for personal and professional development. Responsibilities and tasks include community engagement, tech hosting of virtual events, research and writing, holding space in restorative circles, facilitating mindfulness and meditation sessions, curriculum design, online summit support, online training assistance, and facilitation within specific projects and organizations focused on healing-centered diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Apprenticeship program empowers participants to become leaders in healing-centered education by providing a comprehensive framework that integrates coaching, communication, and connections. Through fulfilling program expectations and embracing our core values, apprentices embark on a transformative journey equipped with the skills, resources, and support necessary to make a positive impact in their lives and communities. Join us on this extraordinary path of growth and learning.

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